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10am - 8pm

1 Day Retreat Intensive
Saturday, February 16th

No matter where you are in your 

journey of consciousness, there’s always

an opportunity to move up the spiral.  

Join us for a power-packed day at 

John & Eden’s private 3 acre 

retreat center in 

N. San Diego County!

I had known in my heart there were two people on the planet that I felt secure immersing deep into soul work. We felt held in the heart of grace with all the details they both took care of.  John & Eden are pillars who go to great lengths to make sure all your needs - seen and unseen - are well taken care of. They are deeply attuned to the subtleties of Spirit and the land, and will lovingly midwife you to deep dive into your Soul. I HIGHLY recommend anyone who is considering it to take a soul journey with John & Eden…get ready for your life to change forever.  You may just grow wings.... we did!                                                               - Heather & Jason, Los Angeles, CA


This workshop is limited to the 25 people.
Our events sell out so book soon to reserve your spot!

Are you ready to stretch yourself and awaken new areas of your Consciousness?

Join us for a power-packed day of indigenous wisdom teachings, heart-centered ceremonies, activations, energy healings, body balancing, music, nature, and delicious organic superfoods!  

In this experiential workshop,
you'll up-level your consciousness in 4 ways:



  • Invigorate and detox your body with Living Foods

  • A private gourmet chef will prepare for you a healthy organic lunch and dinner

  • Get spoiled with fresh organic juices, superfood smoothies, and decadent raw chocolates! 

  • Learn how to maximize your brain and body's energy for spiritual growth with superfoods, herbs, and affordable ways of conscious eating

  • Learn what you can eat (and not eat) to support opening the 3rd eye and vision centers 



  • Fortify your mental energy with powerful breathwork and mindfulness meditations

  • Learn how to easily return to your center of calm when you're in the middle of an emotional storm

  • Learn indigenous shamanic techniques to connect you more deeply with nature



  • Rejuvenate your emotional energy by releasing the weight of the past

  • Learn how emotional trauma is stored in your energetic body and how to
    release it

  • Activate new intentions & possibilities



  • Renew your spirit & inner connection with deep energetic cleansings

  • Receive indigenous shaman rites of initiation for activation of your 3rd eye and vision

  • Receive deep healings of the energy body to restore balance and wholeness

Held at

The Sanctuary
John & Eden's 3 Acre Retreat Center

in N. San Diego County

Restore yourself by walking among 100's of macadamia nut trees while hawks soar overhead, sit with medicine wheels, gather around the sacred fire pit, immerse yourself in the divine energy of life-size statues from Bali, and gather in circle under Mother Tree - a 40' wide canopy that envelopes you in love and the very special energies of this land.

John and Eden put together an amazing, magical experience that fully supported my intention for personal healing and growth. They maintained a consistent sacred container so it was OK for me to turn inward or expand outward, whatever my heart called for in the moment. I wanted an experience focused on spiritual development, but not led by a couple of authoritative ‘gurus’. Gratefully, this is exactly what I received. Love to you both!


Cost:  Only $188!

So everyone receives dedicated attention, space is limited to 25 participants!  
Includes 10 hours of organic meals by private chef, superfoods and raw chocolates, energy work, teachings and ceremonies.

Deposit of $88 to hold your spot, the remaining $100 will be due 5 days prior to the event. 

If you need to cancel for any reason, we're happy to provide a full refund. However, please understand due to upfront costs for food we incur, you must provide 4 days notice. If you cancel within less than 4 days of the event, your deposit will be non-refundable.  


9:30am: Arrival time. Fresh organic juice served

10:00am: Start time and overview

10:30am: Movement, breathwork and mindfulness

11:30pm: Superfoods to fuel spiritual growth, energetic maintenance for expansion

12:30pm: Organic lunch served

1:30pm: Indigenous shaman teachings

2:30pm: Connecting with nature

3:30pm: Superfood snack
4:30pm: Energetic clearings 

5:30pm: Organic dinner

6:30pm: Candle-lit activation ceremony

7:30pm: Musical performance & decadent raw chocolates

8:00pm: Closing

We look forward to seeing you here!

- John & Eden

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